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Deep East Texas Roofing & Construction, LLC installs both R-panel and standing seam Roofs. Lufkin, Texas-area residents trust an experienced roofing contractor to complete their jobs with ease and precision. We proudly source our metal roofing materials and components from Mueller Steel Buildings, located in Nacogdoches, Texas. Mueller has been in business for over 86 years and stands behind their products with their Ironclad Warranty.

Beauty.With Mueller roofs, you can choose from a wide variety of attractive designer colors.

Durability. Metal roofs last longer than both composition roofs and wooden shingles.

Weather Resistance. Mueller roofs offer superior protection from wind, hail and fire.

Longevity. Mueller offers limited paint warranties up to 30 years. Your roof will look fresh and vibrant for decades.

Energy Efficiency. Because of their high-tech coatings, Mueller roofs may help lower your air conditioning and heating bill.

Insurance Savings. Insurance companies may offer discounts up to 35% for homes with Mueller metal roofs. Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify for these savings.

Little to No Maintenance install your metal roof and then forget about it. It'll hold its own for years to come.

Environmentally friendly. the recycled content of steel in metal roofing is much higher than the recycled content in asphalt shingles. Plus, because a metal roof weighs less than shingles, it can often be installed directly over your existing roof. This saves you time, money and energy by avoiding a complete roof tear-off.

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Once you've selected which panel you want, it's time for your metal roof installation. At Deep East Texas Roofing & Construction, we normally install an R-Panel metal roof without fully removing the shingles. As long as your roof only has one layer of shingles, it's an acceptable practice to not remove them, as metal roofing is much lighter than composition roofing. However, there's a specific way that this should be done.

We start by trimming the shingles where they overhang the eaves and rakes. The purpose of this is so that when the roof is finished, you won't be able to look up under the eaves and see a layer of shingles under the metal. After the shingles are trimmed, we install wooden 1×4 lathing strips around the entire perimeter of the roof and then at the necessary spacing for your roof pitch. This creates a solid foundation without the additional expense of removing all of the shingles and installing underlayment.

For CF-Panel roofs, however, it's necessary to remove the old shingles as CF-Panels can't be installed over wooden lathing. Because the seams are mechanically snapped together, they must be installed on a flat surface to support them. Therefore, on a CF-Panel roof, we start by removing all of the old shingles and installing a synthetic underlayment. It's important that a synthetic underlayment is used, as traditional tar-felt paper will leave tar footprints all over a metal roof when you step from the metal to the decking-not desirable or professional!

After the roof has been properly prepared, we start by installing the eave and rake trim. An experienced roofing contractor uses a different trim package than most metal roof installers, known as the Residential Trim Package. The Residential Trim Package uses a two-piece rake design that matches perfectly with the eave trim. Although this upgraded trim is a little more time-consuming to install, it adds a clean, elegant look to your metal roof.

After the initial trim has been installed, it's time to start laying the sheets. For both R-Panel and CF-Panel roofing, the high rib is ripped off of the first sheet and the now flat edge of the sheet is inserted sideways into a special j-shaped closure trim that has been lined with putty. The closure trim is then pounded flat with a rubber mallet to create a clean, sleek look that is both water- and wind-proof.

Also, underneath each R-Panel roof, a piece of closure foam is installed, which helps keep debris and insects from getting underneath the roof. The successive panels are then installed down the remainder of the run until the opposite end of the roof is reached where the same trim is installed. For R-Panels, each sheet has a special putty that is installed to prevent water seeping through the seams if it were to dam up for some reason, and then a lap screw is applied to hold the seam together. Steep roofs do not necessitate the seam putty but do still require lap screws.

Another important aspect of a metal roofing job is the fasteners or screws. On R-Panel roofs, the fasteners are exposed but have a special neoprene washer that prevents water from leaking around them. It's imperative that these screws not be over-tightened, as this will cause the neoprene to squeeze out and deteriorate much more quickly-which is why we use drills with clutches and pay close attention to each screw.

An experienced roofing contractor also use a long enough screw to penetrate both the 1×4 and the plywood decking so that the screws are getting the proper amount of "bite." CF-Panel roofs have concealed fasteners, hence the name "Concealed Fastener," that's screwed to a pre-punched leg located underneath each overlap. These panels are screwed down with a special pan-head screw that is flat enough to not print through the metal.

After all of the sheets have been installed, the last step is the hip and ridge trim. As with the eaves, a piece of closure foam is installed underneath the hip and ridge trim to keep out wind-driven rain, debris and insects. If you choose to have your ridge vented, then a thick wiry mesh is installed at the ridges with functions just like a foam strip, but will still allow air to exhaust through it.

We take our time to box all of our trim at the corners and where it ends on the roof. A boxed trim adds a much more professional appearance as it closes out the trim and prevents one from seeing straight under the roof. You can depend on us for first-rate roofing services in Lufkin, Texas.

Don't Worry About Cleaning Up

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After we've built your roof, we'll make several trips around the house to ensure all trash has been removed. We'll then run a large magnet on wheels to collect any stray roofing screws that may have slid off the roof. Our goal is to leave the area cleaner than when we found it.

You have our word that we'll provide you with outstanding roofing services.

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